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Auf dieser Seite erfahrt ihr alle Neuigkeiten über geplante Aktivitäten der IG Tanz Essen.

On this page you get to know everything about planned activities of IG Tanz Essen.

The Flow work 2022
a workshop series by IG Tanz Essen

Polymer DMT / Fang Yun Lo founded space|lab as co-working and research space in Essen. As a co-working-space it is open for all colleagues from IG Tanz, but also for other groups, choreographers, dancers and performance artists from Essen and surrounding areas. The Tanzpakt RECONNECT funding enables Polymer DMT/ Fang Yun Lo and IG Tanz Essen to run this space as a place for encounter and also to set up this workshop series to benefit from each others knowledge.


Fang Yun Lo: documentary theatre research

The workshop facilitates exchanges about documentary theater research (based on interviews). Fang Yun will share some examples of her experiences from her current project. The workshop will focus on different methodologies. For instance, how to choose research topics, where to find information or how to get in touch with different communities, how to start from one object (tangible or intangible) to build traits of identity, and how to treat documentary material for stage work.


picture by: Jakob Kielgaß

when: Saturday, 2nd of april 2022

where: space | lab time: 10-3 o´clock

close of entries: 31st of march 2022

Please register via:



Mu-Yi Kuo: from within


In her teaching, she integrates principles from the Feldenkrais Method into floor technic, phrase-work and improvisation. She focuses on a profound understanding of different functions from within, aiming to reveal the body’s hidden capacities. Several technical principles are explored together with the participants and translated into one's own body language through playful improvisation exercises.


picture by: Jakob Kielgaß

when: Friday, 10th of june 2022  where: ChorForum Essen time: 10- 4 o´clock close of entries: 8th of june 2022
 please register via:

Robert Schulz: There is always a way

a workshop on freelancing as an artist.
How do I take care of training my body? How do I network and what is self-marketing? What is a Steuernummer? And what do I want my art to be about?
The first steps as a freelance artist are tough. After leaving school or a company there is often no immediate contract that guarantees a stable income or a health insurance. The social and professional network of fellow students, teachers or colleagues is falling apart and there is no clear schedule to follow anymore. Many experience a feeling of being overwhelmed and struggle with finding their own structure. And then there is all this bureaucracy that no one ever really was taught how to take care of. Sometimes we struggle more, sometimes we struggle less. The good thing: there is always a way! We just need to find it.
This workshop is about how to find ways to deal with the numerous challenges we are facing as freelance artists. I will provide you with some basic tools and guide you in adjusting them to your needs. Together we will discuss challenges you are currently facing, share our experiences and expertise and work on solutions. Both with our body and our computers. For that we will use artistic methods but also methods straight from the office. Because this is what we need to bring together as a freelance artist. Let’s take this challenge together.
NOTE: Please bring comfortable clothing to move in and your computer.

when: Friday, 16th of sep 2022
where: AmVieh-Theater
time: 10 - 4 o´clock
close of entries: 14th of sep 2022

please register via:


Tree Shadows on Wall
Bamboo Leaves

Judith Ayuso: dance & writing

How do I find words to describe what I see? Judith will give an introduction on things she learned from writing about dance and important texts that helped her to reflect on her writing. We will also think about how to use creative writing in artistic processes.
NOTE: workshop will be in English & German.


when: Friday, 4th of nov. 2022

where: space | lab

when: 10 - 4 o´clock

close of entries: 2nd of nov 2022

please register via:


The workshops are free, the only thing you need to do to participate is to register


space | lab, Kreuzeskirchstraße 25, 45127 Essen
AmVieh-Theater, Viehofer Platz 19, 45127 Essen

ChorForum Essen, Fischerstraße 2-4, 45128 Essen


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