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Collective Proffessional Training

is a self organized + non profit training for dancers and physical artists. On selected Wednesdays from 09:30-11:30 at the Rehearsal space of Maschinenhaus Essen,

Palmbuschweg 7, Essen (Nearest Trainstation: Altenessen Bahnhof).

We meet at 09:30 to train for about 1,5 hours and than we can chat and have coffee together. It is a great place to train and to connect in the wild life of freelancing in NRW. 

it is co-initiated by physcial Theater Network e.V., SpaceLab, IG_Tanz Essen & Maschinenhaus Essen.

What the professional training IS: - A practice of creative exchange
- Intended for trained, professionally active performing artists of the physical arts (including physical theatre, dance, performance new circus, etc.)
- Facilitated by artist(s) from the group on a voluntary basis - An opportunity to share your own topics/strengths/artistic research questions with a group -A way to be guided and inspired by other colleagues
- Open to experimentation and transformation -A bodymind workout for performers - Free of charge for all participants

What professional training is NOT:
- A service
- A lesson or series of courses
-A money machine
- Only for one discipline of artists
- A place for purely conceptual research


We coordinate everything through this open Telegram group: (

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